KRC Genk wins Jupiler League

May 17th, 2011 by dandy

A great party in the Cristal-arena today..KRC Genk is the champion of the first league soccer of Belgium. It was the last football game of the season. The team of Genk defeated Standard de Liege with 1-1. Keeper Courtois was the hero of the day with some supersaves.

Congrats to the whole Cristal Arena!

Free Cristal Alken – Win een gratis tapvat

November 2nd, 2010 by dandy

The Lommel people (city in North of Limburg) have a very sympathic football team (KVSK United). In the past it was even playing in Belgian first leaque, and maybe they will come back there one day..

But what’s even more sympathic, is they are having a contest right now, and you can win a free Cristal Alken barrel.

If you win, you have to pay me one beer, of course!

Win een tapvat van cristal alken

Win een tapvat van cristal alken

Cristal party at hot sunday

July 12th, 2010 by dandy

Temperatures in Belgium are nowadays over 30° Celsius, so a fresh pilsener beer always tastes good.

Cristal Alken had been organising a great party yesterday, in the football stadium of KRC Genk, which has been named after her name (‘The Cristal Arena’).

Great animation, great atmosphere. People could participate in a football-competition, win free beer with a penalty shot, enjoy the dance-group Milk Inc, and of course..see the spanish team beat Holland in the world cup final.

Oh yes, the price for a fresh Cristal was just one Euro. Miammy!

Pictures you can find here.

Brewing master of Cristal Alken died

July 12th, 2010 by dandy

Very sad news has reached us. Bas Lansbergen, quality engineer and brewing master of the brewery in Alken has been died suddenly. He only has reachedd the age of 38 years. Bas was a very talented Begian brew master. His death is a real bang for the brewery and the Belgian Brewing industry.

His family and friends have our whole sympathy.

Cristal Alken: The first Belgian Pilsener Beer ever

March 20th, 2010 by dandy

In the lovely village Alken, their is an even more lovely brewery. The first Belgian Pilsener Beer ‘Cristal Alken’ has been brewed here in 1928 ànd still operates!

Cristal Alken is without doubt one of the best Pilsener beers of beercountry Belgium. Cristal Alken tastes honest and a little bit more bitter than other Pilsener beers. The taste of a ‘Cristalleke’ [that's the way the Belgian call it] is delicious!

And that’s where this blog is all about. Enjoy and cheers!